October 22nd, 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 18, 2014


RFH Hopes to “Rumble” to Victory

InTeam Spirit Award Video Contest


Members of the RFH SGA showing off their school spirit.


Rumson – “Hey everyone, let’s do the Bulldog Rumble!” in support ofthe RFH entry in the Team Spirit Awardvideo contest.

The video contest, sponsored by the Asbury Park Press,carries a top prize of $1,000and is open to “Game of the Week” high schoolteams.Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School’s matchup against Long Branch High School on October 10 has been selected as a “Game of the Week” by the AsburyPark Press, making both football teams eligible for the contest.

The RFH entry features all of the school’s athletes, cheerleaders, and dance team members in a 30-second video written and produced by the Student Government Association. The highlight is a spirited rendition of the “Bulldog Rumble,” a dance traditionally performed at RFH sports events.

The RFH vs. Long Branch video challenge, which marks Week 2 of the contest, ends on Thursday, October 9 at 11:59 p.m. The Week 2 winner will be announced by commentator Tony Graham when the teams face off in the Game of the Week video posted on Saturday, October 11. When all seven weeks of the challenge are completed, the school with the most video views overall will take the top prize.

Rumson-Fair Haven’s video can be viewed on the RFH_AD twitter page and also at App.com//TeamSpiritAward.

The Game of the Week videos can be viewed at App.com Sports.

“Everyone was really excited and energetic,and showed terrific school spirit during the filming,” said Student Government Association (SGA) President Nora Ryan. SGA Treasurer Peyton McCauley agreed, saying “It was a lot of fun to have the football teamdoing the Bulldog Rumble in the stands with us.”

Additional SGA members participating in the making of the video were Kaitlyn Hess, Maggie Hayes, John “Jack” Luby, and Tim Morales.

Tim, who is the kicker for the RFH football team, provided perhaps the most compelling reason for viewing the RFH entry.

“We like to win,” he said.



Mary Ann Kampfe, RFHRHS Press Release Writer

mkampfe@rumsonfairhaven.org or 908-347-8885