The Board of Education is a governing body which oversees the operation of the school. Our guiding philosophy is to put the best interest of our students first.  Although the board delegates the administration to the school’s superintendent, it is actively involved in the district’s annual goal-setting and evaluation.

Generally, the board is responsible for the following:

Policy Oversight
Developing and evaluating the effectiveness of school policy

Educational Planning
Obtaining and evaluating information from responsible sources in order to continually improve the  school’s educational program

Provision of Financial Resources
Adopting a budget annually which allows the school to function optimally and which is responsible to the taxpayers

Providing the liaison between school and its two communities; the board is obliged to keep that community informed and for being responsible messengers from the community to the school administration

Appointing the school’s superintendent, evaluating personnel recommendations, negotiating contracts with the school’s staff through its bargaining unit

Buildings and Grounds
Reviewing a 5-year maintenance plan; approving capital projects

Terms of Office
The nine-member board is comprised of four members from Fair Haven and five from Rumson.  Members are elected from their representative communities at the time of each annual budget vote in April.  Each member is elected to a three-year term and serves on committees.  Current members, their terms and committee responsibilities follow:

Meeting Times and Agendas
The board wholeheartedly welcomes attendance at our meetings, which are usually held on the second and third Tuesdays of each month.  Meetings convene at 7:30 pm in the school library.  The public has opportunities to speak directly and publicly to the board at both the start and end of our meeting, at a designated time.  Members of our school community provide insightful presentations and the board recognizes students and staff.  During the next few months, consider joining our audience.  Please check this page of our website for specific meeting agendas.