Hall of Fame

The RFH Hall of Fame, initiated in 2001, now has 33 distinguished inductees. It was established to recognize the outstanding lifetime achievements of former graduates, faculty, and members of the RFH community, and to provide inspirational role models for the current students. RFH has had a separate Athletic Hall of Fame since 1936.

The Hall of Fame permanent display is located inside the front RFH entrance, on the wall opposite the main office. A photograph and short biography for each candidate are displayed there.

Members of the Hall of Fame are selected by an eight member committee consisting of residents of the Fair Haven and Rumson communities, RFH alumni, faculty and one senior student.

The 2010 RFH Hall of Fame Committee Members

  • Andrea Cerruti
  • Kathleen Gasienica
  • Mike Halfacre
  • Rochelle Hendricks
  • Tom Kavookjian
  • Kate Okeson
  • Walter Reiser
  • Roberta Van Anda

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Nominations to the Hall of Fame may be made by anyone and submitted to the office of the Superintendent either by mail or online. Nomination forms are available on this site. All information and achievements of a candidate will be verified to the satisfaction of the committee before inclusion in the Hall of Fame can become final. Those nominees who are not selected will be considered in future years.