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Mr. Shea – Supervisor
Mr. Beatty
Mr. Colella
Mr. Componile
Mr. Emmich
Mrs. Ferraris
Mrs. Fitzgerald
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Mr. Highton
Mr. Leddin
Ms. Lerner
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Mrs. Wilkins


Welcome to the Social Studies Department’s homepage.  We wish everyone great success in the 2016-2017 Academic Year.



Any questions regarding the following curriculum guides should be directed to Mr. Shea, the Department Supervisor.

Global Cultures and Civilizations AP Macroeconomics
Global Cultures and Civilizations Honors             AP Psychology
US History 1 AP US History
US History 1 – Honors   AP World History
US History 2        Introduction to Psychology
US History 2 – Honors Law and American Society 
AP Human Geography History Unfolding
AP Microeconomics   
Introduction to Economics