Boys 4×800 Relay Sets New RFH Record!

May 30th, 2017

Congratulations to our Boys 4×800 relay team for breaking the RFH school record at the East Coast Relays! Each Runner set an individual target 800m time (2x around the Track). Sophomore Ford Stevens led off, running a strong leg and beating his target time by more than a second. He handed off to Leo Maita, who ran a good leg and matched his target time. Leo handed the baton to Cole Stevens who ran one of his best 800 meters of the year. Finally the baton went to Art Beyer (our current school record holder at 1:55.5). Art ran an unbelievable leg at 1:55. The new school Record is 8:07.2.

The old record, at 8:11.2 was set by Adam Despo, Joe Clabby Travis Keany, and Jon Erwin in 2001.