PowerSchool – FAQ

How do I submit a Grade Change Form after grades are finalized for a Quarter, Semester, or Year grade?

  • Print out a Grade Change Form – This form can be found on the Faculty Homepage or when you log into PowerTeacher on the left side links.
  • Change the grade for the student in your Gradebook.
  • Fill out the Grade Change Form.  If you are changing a Quarter grade which affects the Semester Grade, both need to be on the form.

How do I change my password?
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How do I setup my Gradebook for the year?

  • Click Here – Creating Categories for Quarter Grade Calculation, Setting up Y1, S1, and S2, and Setting up Quarters

How do I verify Grades at the end of a Quarter?
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How to mark a Quarter grade as Incomplete?
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How do I override a grade?  (Grade less than 50%)
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How do I view an IEP?

  • Log into PowerTeacher
  • Click on the Backpack for the class that you want to view the student
  • Select a student on the left
  • The drop down menu on the top-right, select “Centris Group – IEP Viewer”
  • (Make sure you are allowing pop-ups… you will receive a red “X” in the top right of the browser… click on the X and select Always Allow Pop-Ups!)

How do I lookup a student (in my classes or not in my classes)?

  • Log into PowerTeacher
  • Click on the link to the left “Student Lookup” and search by last name
  • Items shown in Student Lookup:
    • Parent Names
    • Parent Phone Number
    • Parent Email Addresses
    • Guidance Counselor and Case Manager
    • Student Login Information (PowerSchool and Network Login Information)
    • Class Schedule