SchoolDude – FAQ

What type of Request should I submit?

  • Tech Support Request (IT Direct) – Any issue with a technology item (Ex. Projector is not functioning).  Only exception:  If your laptop is not functioning correctly, it can be swapped out in Maryanne Furey’s office without submitting an IT Ticket.
  • Maintenance Request (Maintenance Direct) – Issues regarding non-electronic devices or technology.  (Ex. A student desk is broken)
  • Facility Use Request (FS Direct) – You need to reserve a room at RFH outside of the normal class operation.  This request is to reserve the room.  If you want your request on the RFH Website as an event, please fill out the “Post Event on RFH Website Calendar” link on the RFH Faculty Homepage.

Do I need to log into SchoolDude to submit a request?

  • You only have to enter your email address.  There is no password to login.
  • All requests are tracked based upon the email address entered and will be notified by email as the status changes.
  • The password to Submit the request (At the bottom of the request) is RUMSON

When Should I submit the form to have an event posted on the RFH Website?

  • If the event depends on a facility use, this form should be submitted after the facility request has been approved.