Josh Fendrick wins the Hearst Award

May 28th, 2013

Josh Fendrick

RFH Class of 2009 graduate Josh Fendrick, semi-finalist in the Broadcast Television News Competition sponsored by the Hearst Foundation.



Rumson — The University of Maryland has announced that Josh Fendrick, a 2009

Graduate of Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School, is among five semi-finalists in

the Broadcast Television News Competition of the William Randolph Hearst Student

Journalism Awards Program.


“A big part of the reason I fell in love with broadcast journalism was due to my four 

years of experience producing the ‘RFH Dawg Report’,” said Fendrick. Named for the

RFH bulldog mascot, the report provided multimedia coverage of RFH athletic teams to

fans throughout the various seasons.


Fendrick recently graduated from the University of Maryland’s Phillip Merrill School of



His contest entries included a report filed from the Democratic National Convention held

in Charlotte, North Carolina in September 2012. The piece was entitled “March on Wall

Street South” in reference to a protest march that took place in New York City prior to

the start of the Convention. Also submitted for entry into the contest was an in-depth

report on Maryland Ballot Question 3, which concerns the removal of politicians from

office due to conviction for a crime. This report was produced in the weeks leading up to

the election.


Both entries feature Fendrick’s live reporting. He wrote, filmed, produced, and edited the

pieces as part of his work for the Phillip Merrill College of Journalism’s News Service, 

called the Capital News Service.


Fendrick has high praise for the University of Maryland and appreciates the real-life

reporting experience he has gained through its journalism program. “Being a part of the

Capital News Service was a legitimate professional experience, but I was able to do it

without the real-world pressures associated with a full-time job,” he said. “I could not

have asked for a better way to learn.”


Fendrick was awarded $2,000 in association with the award and, along with the other

four semi-finalists, has submitted entries for a final round of judging to be held in early

June. If he moves on to the next round of judging, Fendrick will be entered into the final

competition to be held in San Francisco on June 28.


The Broadcast Television News Competition was added to the Hearst Foundation’s

Journalism Awards Program in 1988. The 2012-2013 Broadcast Television News

Competitions were held in 106 member colleges and universities with accredited

undergraduate journalism programs.


Other semi-finalists in the Broadcast Television News Competition attended the

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of Iowa, Louisiana State

University, and Arizona State University.


The Hearst Journalism Awards Program offers awards totaling up to $500,000 in

scholarships, matching grants, and stipends.


The University of Maryland is a public research university located in College Park,



To view Fendrick’s contest entries, visit the following links –


For “Maryland Ballot Question 3″ visit 



For “March on Wall Street South” visit




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