Mr. Mustachio

December 13th, 2012

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — November 15, 2012

Rumson — This December the razors and shaving cream will come back out of hiding,
the funds collected will be distributed to a worthy cause, and one lucky faculty member
from Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School will have attained the coveted title
of “Mr. Mustachio.”

The highly popular “Mr. Mustachio” fundraiser has returned to RFH after a four-year
hiatus, and this year’s collected funds are earmarked for victims of Hurricane Sandy.
Rumson-Fair Haven and surrounding communities have been hit hard by the storm,
which displaced almost 3,000 people throughout New Jersey.

To participate in the “Mr. Mustachio” contest, faculty members have skipped their usual
shaving routines in order to grow an appealing or memorable mustache. The official
facial hair debut was held on November 1, and during the month of November RFH
students are voting for their favorite growth by placing donated funds in the classrooms
of participants. When the donations are tallied, the faculty member receiving the largest
sum will be crowned “Mr. Mustachio”.

In keeping with tradition the competition will be fierce. Contestants for “Mr. Mustachio
2012″ and their Mustachio monikers are — from the Art Department, Zach “The
Chevron” Wilson; from the Industrial Technology Department, Dino “The Horseshoe”
Pagano; from the Science Department, Andrew “The Pencil” Hudson, Brad “The
Handlebar” Margolis, Edward “The Walrus” Messinger and Jonathan “The Horseshoe”
Pennetti; from the Social Studies Department, Darren “The Pyramidal” Beatty and
Mike “The Chevron” Emmich; from the Special Services Department, Alex “The
Speakeasy” Componile; and from the Guidance Department, Jason “The Painter’s
Brush” Lippart. Also joining in is Vice Principal Chris Lanzalotto sporting “The

Mr. Lippart felt strongly about resurrecting the event during his first year as the
school’s Character Education Advisor, as it is intended to benefit a worthy cause and
lift students’ spirits as well. He is feels that the school spirit aspect is especially fitting
during a trying time for the community, when smiles have been few and far between.

“I am happy to see the uncontrollable smirks that appear on the faces of students who
are dealing with tremendous stress when they pass by an educator who is sporting an
upper lip accoutrement,” he said. He added, “I would like to extend my deepest thanks
for the support of the school community and for the participation of educators who
are willing to subject themselves to awkward stares in public in order to promote this

For more information, contact:

Mary Ann Kampfe, RFHRHS Public Relations or 908-347-8885

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