PARCC Information

April 17th, 2017

March 9, 2017

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

As you are aware, all public schools in New Jersey will once again, administer the NJDOE mandated PARCC this spring.  PARCC, for high school students, will begin in March. RFH has invested a great deal of time developing a schedule that will minimize the impact on instructional time.  Additionally, you may recall that RFH has eliminated third marking period EMPAs (formerly known as quarterlies) in order to lessen the testing demands on our students this spring.  

Students will be tested in the following courses:  

  • English I / IH

  • English II / IIH

  • English III

  • AP English Literature and Composition (grade 11) – Not testing if registered for the AP Exam

  • AP Language and Composition (grade 11)  - Not testing if registered for the AP Exam

  • Algebra I

  • Geometry / Geometry Honors

  • Algebra II / IIH

The PARCC testing will take place during regularly scheduled English and Mathematics classes over two period blocks.  English testing will begin on Monday, March 27 for three consecutive days.  Mathematics testing will begin on Friday, March 31 for three consecutive days.  Students will be excused from missed classwork during their PARCCtesting periods.  Any student who will be testing during their regularly scheduled lunch period will be notified and released from class either before or after testing to accommodate their lunch.

Please see the link below for specific schedule details.  As indicated by the schedule, non-tested courses will continue to meet throughout this testing period.  Please note that the room assignments are not included on this schedule; they will be communicated directly to your students.   

Click Here for PARCC Testing Window Schedule

Should you have any questions regarding the PARCC or our schedule, please contact Mr. Christopher Alworth, Supervisor of Technology at  Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.



Christopher Alworth
Supervisor of Technology
Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School
732-842-1597 ext. 261

Tracy R. Handerhan,D. Litt.

March 2017

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

Much has been written about the PARCC assessments.  This communiqué is being sent to you so that you understand our position related to PARCC, your children, and their education.

All school districts in New Jersey must administer the PARCC assessment.  There are no laws, regulations or court decisions that permit students to opt out of PARCC. RFH has always tried to utilize state mandates to improve our students’ learning.  To this end, we intend on using PARCC results to inform instruction for your students.  One of the benefits of the PARCC assessment is the detailed breakdown of individual and course-wide performance data.  These performance data are learning objective specific and have the potential to directly impact your student’s individual learning program and future RFH curricular decisions.  However, the validity of these performance reports is contingent upon students doing their very best.  If students do not take PARCC seriously, we are unable to use the performance data in meaningful ways. In addition, at this point, district PARCC scores are public information and are used in the calculations of many school rankings.  We sincerely hope that students will complete the PARCC assessment to the best of their abilities so that RFH’s overall academic performance in such rankings can be accurate and fair.   

Send your student to school ready to do his/her best on the PARCC assessments.  As always, we will continue making teaching and learning the priority at RFH.  Please feel free to contact either of us should you desire additional information or have any questions.

Peter J. Righi, Ed.D.                                        Tracy R. Handerhan, D. Litt.

Superintendent          Principal