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  • The 2017-2018 Online Course Catalog can be accessed after January 31, 2017.  Please consult the Online Course Catalog for course descriptions, as well as grade and/or course prerequisites.
  • The School Counselors will present course selection information and demonstrate the online selection process, in English classes, beginning January 31, 2017.
  • Each counselor will then post an appointment calendar on his/her door and encourage each student to make an appointment to seek counselors’ input regarding course selection, graduation requirements, and related college/career recommendations. Students who plan to change levels or add an AP elective MUST make an appointment during this time period.
  • All students interested in Advanced Placement courses, as well as seniors interested in our Dual Enrollment Program with Brookdale Community College are highly encouraged to attend the following information sessions:   


 All Information Sessions below are scheduled for 2 pm in the auditorium.


February 15, 2017  : AP English- Literature, Language, Honors College English


February 16, 2017   : AP Social Studies- US, World, Human Geography, Psychology, Macro Economics, Micro Economics


February 17, 2017   :AP Music Theory, AP Art History  


February 20, 2017 : Dual Enrollment, Senior Project


February 21, 2017 : AP Math- Calculus AB, BC, AP Computer Science A, Principles,Dual Enrollment, Senior Project


February 22, 2017  : AP Sciences- Biology, Chemistry, Physics 1 and 2, Environmental Science  


  • Students will be directed to access Online Course Requests as follows:


  1. On the Power School log-in screen, you will find a video tutorial of the course selection process (instruction for class registration.) You may wish to view this tutorial before beginning.


  1. Sign on to Power School with your parent and go to Class Registration in the menu on the left. 


  1. Choose your courses (35 credits) from the drop down menu based on the prerequisite courses you have taken and your achievement in those courses.  Graduation requirements, college recommendations and prerequisites are noted.  It is your responsibility to know if you are eligible to take the courses that you are requesting.


  1. If you wish to take a higher level course or add an AP course as an elective, you must make an appointment with your counselor before February 24.


  1. Once completed, click the Submit for Approval  button by March 6, 2017. Students may edit their original requests and resubmit, if done before March 6, 2017.


  • Please take the time to choose courses that are the best match for you…your interests, your abilities and your goals! Your counselors have set aside time to meet with their students to discuss their 4-year plan. Gather information from your teachers, counselor, parents and administrators as you build your academic program for next year. Discuss course options and levels with your teachers. You will need to ask them for a course recommendation.




  • Classroom teachers will meet with their students to discuss their course recommendations in regards to the students’ course requests. Teachers will then input their recommendations into Power School  between Feb 1 and Feb 27.  Students should direct questions regarding subject or level recommendations to their teachers. The Power School class registration screen will remain open until Monday, March 6 to view teachers’ recommendations, which can be seen in the alert column.
  • It is our philosophy that teacher recommendations are very valuable in the course selection process and that these recommendations are usually very accurate.  In order for students to be successful in courses not recommended by teachers, students will need to display skills they have yet to demonstrate.
  • If a student does not meet a prerequisite for a course, the student may not waive into this course.
  • If a student is not recommended for the course he/she has requested, the classroom teacher will explain the reason to the student and conference with him/her regarding an alternate recommendation.  
  • If a student wishes to override a teacher’s recommendation for a course/level (for which the student meets the prerequisites), the student must submit the appropriately completed and signed waiver form (see link at top of page) to his/her counselor no later than April 23, 2017.


  • If a student wishes to take an AP Science course for which the student’s current teacher needs additional course and grade information, the student must download the AP Science Recommendation Form, complete it, and see his/her science teacher to make a final determination as to the recommendation. If the course is not recommended and the student still wishes to take the course, the student must complete a waiver for that course.  Complete and signed waiver forms must be returned to your counselor.
  • Course requests that do not have teacher’s recommendation will not be permitted without signed waiver forms.
  • Students will then have a final course verification meeting with their School Counselor.  During this meeting, the student and counselor will confirm that the schedule is complete and all appropriate recommendations by faculty members have been received, or a valid waiver is in place.  
  • Since course requests will all be able to be  viewed on line, parents and students will not receive or sign a copy of the finalized course requests.  Students and parents must make sure that courses listed as of April 23 reflect the student’s choices, as the course requests listed as of that date are considered final and will
    not be changed.



            (Permitted only until April 23, 2017)


  • Teachers may change a course or level recommendation (up or down) until April 23, 2017.
  • If a student wishes to elect a course that he/she is eligible to take, but for which he/she does not have the required  recommendation, the student can waive into the course. Waivers must be submitted by April 23, 2017  The student’s schedule will then be adjusted to reflect the waived-in course. In the absence of a modified course recommendation by the teacher or a waiver, the originally recommended course will remain and  cannot be changed after April 23, 2017.
  • The school master schedule is built upon careful and deliberate on-time course selections made by students.  During the course selection process, every effort should be made by students, parents and teachers to insure that the courses selected are appropriate for the students.
  • Alternate course selections for electives should also be selected carefully.  In the event that an original elective choice or a particular combination of courses cannot be scheduled, alternatives will be utilized in the scheduling process.  Substitutions for alternates cannot be made after the course selection deadline.


  • Any changes made after the master schedule is built adversely affect the enrollment balances of classes.  Therefore, NO COURSE CHANGES ARE PERMITTED AFTER APRIL 23, 2017  except if:
    • There is an error or omission in data entry.
    • A student’s schedule is missing a graduation requirement.



Please keep in mind the following guidelines to which your counselor must strictly adhere:


Level changes will be made on a space-available basis only, in the requested course and any other course in the student’s schedule that may be affected. No other course substitutions or level changes will be permitted to facilitate the requested level change.

  • Level Changes to a Higher Level-  Permitted until April 23, 2017, and then on a space available basis from August 29, 2017 until the 17th school day.
    • It will be the student’s responsibility to make up any work missed for the new course, including summer assignments, since the grade from the previous level will not carry.
  • Level Changes to a Lower Level- Permitted until April 23, 2017 and then on a space-available basis from the 8th day of school ( September 15until the last day of the 1st marking period.)
    • No changes to a lower level of the same course will be made during the first 7 school days of the school year.  This will allow teachers to review summer assignments, and students can discuss their perceived difficulties in the course with the teacher.
      • After the seventh day, a student has 10 school days to change the level of a course before the original course becomes a permanent part of the student’s transcript.
      • It will be the student’s responsibility to make up any work missed for the new course, including summer assignments, since the grade from the previous level will not carry.
  • After the 17th school day (September 28) , students will only be permitted to “level down“, and a “withdraw pass” (WP) or a “withdraw fail” (WF) will appear in conjunction with the original course on the transcript.
    • The student’s original course grade will carry to their new class and will be averaged  into their quarter average based on the percentage of time spent in the new class. The student will not make up work missed for the new class at the lower level, but will be responsible for any missed material on subsequent exams.


Revised 1/31/17