Crisis Intervention

During the high school years of adolescence, young people experience many things for the first time.These experiences, and how we react to them, are crucial in development toward a healthy adulthood. Inevitably, life will present some obstacles along the way. Some of these problems are easily overcome by utilizing the skills we have already developed. Other problems are more difficult to understand and very complex to deal with.

Often times, teens rely on their peers for help. Although support from their friends is helpful, friends do not have the experience or training to adequately assist someone facing particular problems. It is strongly recommended that teens seek the assistance of an adult who they trust.The Office of Guidance/ School Counseling at R-FH is dedicated to helping our students through any problems that life may present them. We can work directly with students to resolve many problems. Occasionally, personal and social problems and pressures unduly influence a student’s development and require on-going counseling to realize improvement. In those situations, counselors can help you contact the professionals who can help.

We have offered a number of links along with emergency numbers to assist our students and their families seek the help they may need.

Meridian Behavioral Health Services 1-800-822-8905
NJ Drug Hotline 1-800-225-0196
Crisis Intervention (Family Court) 732-409-4826
Monmouth Medical Center, Pollock Clinic 732-923-6500
(Mental & Emotional Emergencies)
DYFS 1-800-392-9511
Psychiatric Emergency Screening Services 732-923-6999
(PESS) suicide intervention

Resources for Parents
Crisis Intervention