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 College Search

  • Each year well over ninety percent of our graduating seniors choose to further their education by attending college. The first and most important step in preparing for college is to work hard and do as best you can in the most academically rigorous courses you can handle.
  • Among the most important factors to colleges as they select their incoming class:
    • Strength of curriculum
    • grades
    • grade point average
    • college entrance exams like the SAT and ACT.
  • With over 3,500 colleges and universities in the United States, finding the school best suited for you will be challenging.
    There are specific criteria you need to consider to find the colleges which best meet your needs:
    • college’s geographic location
    • size and type
    • cost
    • the majors that are offered
    • any athletic programs or activities you may want to join.
  • Remember, a college search is a journey to find the right match for you. The people who know you best- your parents and your counselor, can help you the most, if you let us. Communication between you and your parents, and your counselor is essential.

Naviance Family Connection offers students and parents:

  • The most comprehensive College Search and Look Up tools available.
  • Additional tools, such as College Match and College Compare use a student’s GPA and SAT’s to personalize the results. These tools provide comparative data from RFH alumni as well as national data averages.
  • You will be able to compile a prospective College list, which your counselor can access as well.
  • On each college’s profile page you will find a link the college’s own website.

When you visit schools online or in person, ask questions. Then, with your counselor’s help, you can assess if a school is the “right fit” for you.

Naviance will give you all the research tools you need. Sign on to Naviance and see for yourself.


  • If you are considering a GAP YEAR. Here are some resource options for you. As with all other post secondary plans, please discuss your plan  with your counselor. We want to be involved, and lend support for your plan.


Brown Ledge –

Center for Cultural Exchange – <>

CITY Term – <>

City Year

Dynamy (for internships) – <>

Earth Watch – <>

USA Gap year

National Outdoor Leadership School

Wilderness Medicine Education

Planet Gap Year-

Volunteer for Peace – <>


  • If you are considering professions that do not require a formal college education:
  • You may want to investigate the programs offered at Monmouth County Vocational School District
  • You can also check out the programs offered at Brookdale Community College. It is highly recommended that you take advantage of any elective courses offered at R-FH that may give you some background in that field or enhance any skills you may need. Your guidance counselor can offer great assistance in that particular area.


Summer College Courses Available to High School Students

  • Many local colleges offer students the opportunity to take college courses while still in high school.
  • Locally, Brookdale (Fast Start) , Monmouth and Georgian Court all have such programs.
  • Most allow all rising seniors that option, as well as the academically strongest underclassmen.
  • Taking a college course and doing well will prove your ability to handle college level work. This may be just the edge you need in the admission process. You will also earn college credit that can may transfer to the college of your choice after high school. Speak with your counselor about the options.



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updated 12/20/14