Three RFH Students Score Perfect 800 on SAT @ Subject Tests

September 30th, 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 17, 2014

Three RFH Students Recognized for Perfect Scores of 800

On SAT 2 Subject Tests


RFH Seniors (from left to right) Andrew Maris, Nicholas (Nick) Hawke, and Rebecca Barabas show their certificates for achieving a perfect score on the SAT 2 Subject tests.



Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School seniors Rebecca Barabas, Nicholas (Nick) Hawke, and Andrew

Maris were recently recognized by the Board of Education for their outstanding achievements on SAT 2

Subject Tests.


The three students achieved the highest possible scores – 800 points – in Subject Tests administered by

The College Board in June, 2014.


Nick earned a perfect score in three Subject Tests — Chemistry, Math Level 2, and Physics. Rebecca

reached the same lofty goal in World History, while Andrew achieved it in Math Level 2.


The three were recognized at the September 9 meeting of the RFH Board of Education, where they

received their official SAT 2 Certificates of Achievement from Board President Lisa Waters and – in

Andrew’s case – from his mom, Board Member Sarah Maris.


SAT scores are a nationally recognized indicator of college readiness, and are required by many

institutions of higher learning as criteria for admittance.


SAT 2 Subject Tests are offered to in addition to SAT tests as an additional vehicle for students wishing

to distinguish themselves in the areas of English, History, Mathematics, Science, and Languages.


The College Board has reported the average scores of students taking the same Subject Tests as

Rebecca, Nick, and Andrew. The average scores recorded in 2013 were 686 for Mathematics Level 2, 666

for Chemistry, 686 for Math Level 2, 667 for Physics, and 624 for World History.


Rebecca is the daughter of Cynthia and Ronald Barabas of Fair Haven.


Nick is the son of Mary and Chris Hawke of Rumson.


Andrew is the son of Sarah and Jerry Maris of Fair Haven.



Mary Ann Kampfe, RFHRHS Press Release Writer or 908-347-8885