SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and Score Choice

  • SAT I Reasoning Test is designed to measure a student's ability to succeed in college level work in freshman year of college.

    The three sections of the test include evidence-based reading, math, and writing. They measure the student's critical thinking and problem solving skills along with the student's writing abilities.

    In most cases, students are prepared to take their first SAT test in the spring of their junior year.
    Juniors should not take their first SAT earlier than spring, unless they believe their most recent PSAT accurately reflects their ability and no other prep is necessary.


    RFH is a test site for the October, March and June test dates. Students should register on-line


    Score Choice- please see the Score Choice page for details.


    SAT Subject TestsThere are 22 different subject tests designed to measure a student's knowledge in a specific academic area.

    Very few colleges require students to take SAT Subject tests, so it is very important to check Naviance or the colleges' websites to which you are applying.

    Students who must take SAT Subject Tests are encouraged to wait to test until they have completed the most advanced course in that subject. 

    Registering for the SAT Subject Tests is done on-line at

    See the links below for Colleges that recommend, require, or utilize SAT Subject Tests


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