• I'm sure you've heard that a student can choose which of their scores go to colleges, so why not take the SATs multiple times starting in sophomore year?

    Students cannot choose which scores to send from multiple test dates.   

    Score Choice for SAT- The College Board gives students the opportunity to choose which SAT scores (taken all on the same day) are sent to colleges. For example, if a student takes the SAT in May, June, and October and the June scores (for Critical Reading, Math, and Writing) are highest, the student may use Score Choice to send only the June scores. (Using the same example) Score Choice does not permit students to select the highest Critical Reading score from May, the highest math score from June, and the highest writing score from the  October test date.

    Because most students do not earn their highest scores all in one day, most students will not be able to use Score Choice. As a result, students are not encouraged to take their SAT's as often as they wish, for practice, because without Score Choice they must report all scores from all test dates. 


    Score Choice for Subject Tests  
    With Score Choice, you can choose which Subject Test scores to send by individual test—but keep in mind that some colleges and scholarship programs require you to send all your scores.