• On November 1st, the RFH Administration presented the 4-day rotating block schedule that will be implemented in September 2023.  The administration and staff have been working since the start of the year in response to the strategic plan created in 2021 which indicated that block scheduling was an interest of the Board and district.  The entire staff has engaged in multiple exploratory and professional development activities to familiarize themselves with this concept and its advantages for instruction and learning.  We were excited to share with our student body and with parents at the presentation the wonderful opportunity that lies ahead as we continue to enhance the learning environment and experience for all students and staff at RFH.
    We recognize that a great deal of new information has been shared since the start of the school year.  Please know that we will continue to communicate with our students and parents and to provide professional development to our staff as we continue planning for our transition.  Please see the attached video of the presentation on November 1st and an FAQ sheet with responses to many questions submitted at the presentation (consolidated by category).