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Students - Create your SCOIR account for access to your updated GPA and MUCH MORE.

We are introducing a new college planning system called SCOIR. We have chosen SCOIR to help you navigate the college selection and application process because it is simply the best system available for discovering colleges that match your personal as well as academic interests.

Use this link to create your SCOIR account.

You can also download an app to your phone. 

You can immediately begin using SCOIR to search for and start building a list of colleges that interest you. 

Seniors - You will use SCOIR to request letters of recommendation from teachers.

Your parents will also have access to SCOIR to assist you in your college selection and to gain more insight into the cost of attendance at different colleges. 

The counseling office will be using SCOIR to communicate with you during your college planning process and to electronically deliver your application materials to colleges.

Watch the short videos below to help you become familiar with how to use SCOIR. College Search