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Economics is Booming at RFH

More and more RFH students are taking elective courses in Economics. This year sees the highest enrollment ever in the district's College Board course offerings: 74 students are enrolled in AP Macroeconomics, and 59 students are enrolled in AP Microeconomics. In addition to these impressive AP enrollment numbers, 90 students are enrolled in the district's one-semester elective, Introduction to Economics.  Last year, RFH students surpassed national and world averages on the College Board: 81% of the RFH students who sat for the AP Macroeconomics Examination earned scores of 3 or better; 82% of the RFH students who sat for the AP Microeconomics Examination earned scores of 3 or better. Incoming 9th Graders should consider taking Introduction to Economics as a foundation experience that will meet their Financial Literacy requirement and set them on the right course for studying more advanced material as upperclassmen.