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Travis Mannion Foundation Visits RFH


74 Ridge Road, Rumson, NJ 07760   




February 26, 2019


School Climate Team Invites Travis Manion Foundation to Talk Character


    Rumson Fair Haven High Schools School Climate Team welcomed the Travis Manion Foundation to speak to students as a part of the Civic Leadership Series. The focus of their presentation was on making good choices motivated by quality character and integrity. Two New Jersey State Police Officer were received by over 160 students. The event took place in the schools auditorium during 9th period study hall.

    The School Climate Team with the assistance of School Counselor Jason Lippart has hosted a series of events on various topics such as gambling addiction, substance abuse, character building, etc. The goal of the group is to create events and invite speakers that encompass the spectrum of human experience. The idea is that these events, in their heterogeneity, could reach each student in the school.

    This event invited the Travis Manion foundation, a group focused on the goal of building character in our nation. They state :”In an increasingly divisive cultural climate, we unite and strengthen communities. Our nation needs role models that inspire and we should look no further than the civic assets already living in our communities”. The officers encouraged the students of RFH to take these words to heart. They told them not to be the leaders of tomorrow, but to be the leaders of today.

    The group was created in the memory of Travis Manion, a fallen Marine, who embodied the ideal character. The motto of the foundation were words from Manion himself: “If not me, then who?”. The officers presenting displayed that this mentality breeds a strong character. If you adapt this mindset then you will be more proactive in creating the changes you would like to see in this world.  

    These officers also outlined a few words that are necessary for building a strong character and gave examples of people that exemplify these words in their actions. They stated that leadership, courage, integrity, and perseverance were paramount in forming your character citing people like Pat Tillman, and Malala as their examples of these ideals.

    Jason Lippart stated: "The message that the Travis Manion foundation spreads of "if not me then who," can relate to every student.  Whether you are an athlete, an artist, a natural scholar, or someone who tries their hardest in every class all of us can make a conscious effort to make this world a better place by leading in our own individual and positive way. We do not have to be war heroes to be considered heroes to someone or someplace. The next time we are faced with challenges in our lives that we are capable of handling and we are not sure if we should act or not we should remind ourselves "if not me then who."

    We at RFH would like to express our gratitude to the Travis Manion Foundation as well as the Officers that came to speak for showing that character does matter.


For more information please contact: Jason Lippart-

About Rumson-Fair Haven Regional: Rumson-Fair Haven was recognized as a 2011 National Blue Ribbon School by the US Department of Education. The high school, accredited by Middle States Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges and the NJ Department of Education, is a comprehensive high school of approximately 1000 students in grades 9-12. Consistently over the years, more than 95 % of our graduates have attended post secondary institutions.