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RFH Tower Players Induct 5 New Members into International Thespian Society

Press Release:  June 5th
RFH Tower Players Induct 5 New Members into the International Thespians Society
The Tower Players Advisors are pleased to announce the induction of 5 new members into Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School Troupe No. 4947 of the International Thespian Society. The Society was established in 1929, and was named for Thespis, the ancient Greek who, according to legend, stepped out from the chorus and became the first actor.

Through their dedicated work in theatre, the candidates have earned the honorable right to join a proud legacy in becoming members of the International Thespian Society. To be inducted into the International Thespian Society, students must dedicate a minimum of 100 diversified hours over the course of the school year to the Tower Players. These diversified hours are accumulated both on and off stage, so these students were not only performers but took on leadership roles in the production, business, and direction areas as well.

Please join us in congratulating the following students on their accomplishments:
  • Michael Crockett (Class of 2020)
  • Peyton Ming (Class of 2020)
  • Kate Kennedy (Class of 2021)
  • Mackenzie Doherty (Class of 2022)
  • Evan Callas (Class of 2023)

Michael Crockett     Peyton Ming    Kate Kennedy    Mackenzie Doherty    Evan Callas

      Michael Crockett                         Peyton Ming                                 Kate Kennedy                 Mackenzie Doherty                    Evan Callas

“Act well your part; there all the honor lies.”