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2nd Marking Period End of Marking Period Assessment (EMPA) Schedule

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The End of Marking Period Assessments for Marking Period 2 will run from Thursday, January 20th-Tuesday, January 25th.  Class meetings will be held for each grade in January to clarify the schedule, answer questions and provide tips for the upcoming assessments.  The schedule is as follows:


empa 2 schedule 

Within this schedule:

  • There are two 80 minute exam periods each day.
  • Students will have time to study and meet with teachers of the exams they are scheduled to take the next day.
  • There are 29 minute lunch periods scheduled during which students may eat in the cafeteria or remain in their classrooms to study.
  • When a student’s lunch period is also an exam period, they will eat and then have the opportunity to either:
    • attend a grade specific “Life & College” session to meet with Department Supervisors and teachers to plan for the upcoming Course Selection process (9th-11th graders) or discuss scholarships, life and college transition skills (12th graders);
    • view the critically acclaimed film LIKELIKE is an IndieFlix Original documentary that explores the impact of social media on our lives and the effects of technology on the brain.

Please be advised that all students are expected to arrive at school by 7:40am and remain in school until the 12:07pm dismissal time each day to take full advantage of the opportunities for enrichment provided by faculty.  

  • Please note: In order to be eligible for participation in all after school activities and athletics, a student MUST be present for at least 4 hours during the school day.
  • The Attendance Office will verify absences and determine eligibility for make-ups. Once permission is granted, it is the responsibility of the student to coordinate the make up with their respective teacher(s).
  • Students requiring extra time per IEP/504 Plans should report to the Media Center at 12:07pm to finish their exams.