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    Chromebooks- Printing in the Library

    The Chromebooks in the library are able to print to the Library Copier.


    Bring IT!

    The Bring IT! initiative is to allow students and faculty to use privately owned electronic devices to access the Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School wireless network.

    This wireless access provided to the devices is designed to enhance the students’ educational experience and outcomes. Connecting to the Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School Wi-Fi network with personal devices is a privilege, not a right for district students.

    Permission to bring and use privately owned devices is contingent upon adherence to Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and BRING IT! Policy.  All policies are available for download on the left navigation bar.

    If a privately owned device is used by a student to disrupt the educational environment, it is the sole opinion of Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School, that student’s privileges may be limited or revoked.

    Per Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School policy, the school district will not accept responsibility for loss, damage, or theft, of personal property.  Laptops and all other personal electronic devices that are lost, stolen, or damaged are the responsibility of the student and their parents or guardians.