Update: 08/28/20

  • Throughout the summer, construction has taken place in nearly every corner of our buidling. We are close to completion in the 600 wing, 400 wing, Room 106, the auditorium and our Stadium Field.

     Field Science Labs

Update 7/10/20

  • Work continued in the 400 wing where new windows were installed. You can also begin to see the new woodshop coming to life, as the foundation has been laid and the walls are beginning to take shape. Additionally, the oversized door has been cut into the back wall of our stage which will eventually allow for even more spectacular set production. Finally, our 15 year old turf was rolled away to make room for our badly needed new turf.  

    Windows in 410 Stage aceess  turf project

Update 6/30/20

  • Our summer construction projects have begun.  On the east end of our building, our 600 wing science classrooms have been prepared for their renovations to state of the art labs. On the west end of our building, the site has been prepared to begin the work on our wood shop.  In addition to these referendum funded projects, the repair work on the auditorium roof has begun.

    Science Classroom Woodshop Roof