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RFH Hosts Class of 1973 Panel Discussion

Classmates enjoyed an hour-long tour of the high school conducted by  RFH Principal Steve Sarles. The Senior Wing is now called the Math &  Science Center and the open common areas have now been converted  to classrooms and labs. Someone observed that the small individual  lockers had been changed to a larger full- length locker. STEM  education is in full swing with 3 chemistry teachers and 3 physics  teachers. 

Technology is found in every  classroom. The upper library has been nicely changed to an open  learning commons with a seating capacity of 100. The auditorium has  new seating and looks much the same as well as the gym. The outside  campus has undergone many changes with artificial turf on the football,  and two baseball fields. The football field has lights and night games  have arrived at RFH.

An Athletic Hall of Fame wall is now in the gym lobby and five classmates from ’73 have been proudly inducted: Jim Finn (football),

Russ Jones (Track & Field)), Kevin Callinan (baseball), Palvin Williams &  Ken Crichlow (basketball). Congrats to all! 

The highlight of the tour was when the principal allowed us to write our names and class year on the wall of the stairwell leading up to the iconic tower of the school in the original building built in 1936. 

Panel Discussion

Nine classmates discussed many topics ranging from technology, AI,  personal fitness, barriers confronted by women, the recent pandemic  challenges, pursuing your dreams by following your heart, and not  being afraid of failure as well as many fun and interesting experiences  following their journey post RFH. 

Panelists included from left to right: Linda Smith, Sally Mulroy, Russ  Jones, Dan Miles, MD, Greg Dell’Omo, PhD, Steve Farley, Billy Davidson  (moderator) Meg Hirsch Greenfield, Chip Cottrell, Cindy Sherman, and  Carol Culshaw (moderator).