Science League

MEMBERSHIP:  The competition teams are limited to four members, but anyone is welcome to participate in each match.  Those not considered as the competitive team complete as the “JV” team.  Students that score higher will be placed on the competitive team.
SEASON:  Science League meets after school for four competitions per year in January, February, March and April, and for State Science Day in May
CONTACT:  Mrs. Kilar


Science League is a subject matter academic competition that takes place after school. There are four competitions that place once a month in January through April.  The first competition is in January.   This year it takes place on January 14.  We then travel to other area high schools.  We complete locally with these schools however scores are recorded and compared state wide.  If you compete in at least 3 of the 4 competitions you will obtain a state ranking.  Students who compete in Science League are those selected to compete in the Merck State Science Day competition.  This competition takes place in May, during the school day. 

There are six teams, Biology I, Biology II, Chemistry I, Chemistry II, Physics I, and Physics II.  Competitors must be enrolled in the course in which they are competing.  Competition gives practice in test-taking skills necessary for SAT II tests.  Competitors who participate in three matches receive a state ranking in their test area and a certificate of participation.