Science National Honor Society


MEMBERSHIP:  Applications offered to students in grades 10-12 based on GPA and Science Grades

NUMBER OF MEETINGS:  Monthly Membership Meetings and Special Events

MEETINGS:  Mornings at 7:10 am

CONTACT:  Mr. Haughwout and Ms. Chiodi

SNHS to recognize students who have been actively engaged in the sciences both in and outside of the classroom during their high school career. Students are offered an opportunity to apply based on GPA and science grades, and are selected based on teacher recommendation and an application form and essay that demonstrates active and persistent engagement within a scientific community outside of the classroom stemming from independent initiative. Once a member, students are expected to maintain grades and GPA's, continue with extracurricular participation, attend monthly meetings, and participate in our annual project. Annual officer appointments are available based on presentations before the general membership and a selection committee.