Chinese Honor Society


MEMBERSHIP:  Open to qualified juniors and seniors


MEETINGS:  Monthly

CONTACT: Mrs. McKenna


The National Chinese Honor Society was established in November 1993. The RFH chapter was established in 2012.  Our objective is to acknowledge the high academic achievement of students studying Chinese as a second language. The National Chinese Honor Society not only recognizes high scholastic achievement but also leadership, character, and service. In addition, its aim is to perpetuate the advancement of international friendships and to create enthusiasm for Chinese language learning as well as the understanding of culture. Students who are inducted into the National Chinese Honor Society should exemplify these aforementioned qualities.

Chinese National Honor Society

Requirements for membership eligibility:

  • Students have the opportunity to join the CNHS while enrolled in Chinese III Honors, Chinese IV, Chinese IV Honors, Chinese V or AP Chinese and must be a sophomore/junior/senior.
  • Students must have a minimum A average in Chinese IV and/or Chinese V or an unweighted B average in Chinese III Honors, Chinese IV Honors, or AP Chinese for three (3) quarters of the current academic year and all of the previous academic year.
  • Students must have a minimum general academic average of B.
  • Students must be enrolled in the next sequential Chinese course offered to show
  • continued interest in Chinese studies

Requirements to maintain membership:

  • Students must maintain a minimum of 80% (B-) for Chinese Honors courses or a minimum of 90 % (A-) for regular Chinese courses.
  • Students must maintain a general academic average of B.
  • Students must attend a minimum of 50% of our monthly meetings.
  • Students must participate in 50 % of the events and activities sponsored by the CNHS.
  • Students must complete 2 school periods of tutoring or other community service-related activity per month.
  • Students must pursue the study of the Chinese language in the following year of studies.