Fellowship of Christian Athletes

MEMBERSHIP:   Open to all students
MEETINGS:  Thursday morning 7:15am
CONTACT:  Mr. and Mrs. Pagano

EMAIL:  dpagano@rumsonfairhaven.org or spagano@rumsonfairhaven.org 


The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is the largest youth organization in the United States.  Established in 1954, FCA was created at a grass roots level to challenge athletes and coaches to use the platform of sports to become positive role models at all educational levels.  The backbone of FCA is on campus “huddles.”  The RFH huddle was started by students in 1994 and has been meeting every Thursday during the school year at 7:00 am.  Huddle time together is spent studying and discussing the New Testament gospels, applying the Word to everyday life as a student and athlete.  All students and faculty are welcome to attend.  FCA is a school recognized club with volunteer advisors.