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  • Groh

    Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School is home to approximately 850 high school students. Our talented staff members provide students with strong academic experiences and serve as coaches, advisors and mentors in more than fifty different activities and more than twenty sports. Embedded throughout our coursework are learning experiences that provide students with what they need to be ready for college.  Those experiences include learning how to use technology appropriately, reading and thinking critically, researching and synthesizing thoughts in writing, collaborating and creating. These skills are not only college-ready skills, but they are the tools of an independent adult. High school provides preparation for college, but also preparation for adulthood.

    The mission of Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School is to empower all of our students with the tools to find their passions and thrive as knowledgeable, confident, resilient, creative and compassionate citizens of a global community. Our high school provides our students with the opportunity to take risks, pursue interests and learn about themselves. It is here where we expect our students to challenge themselves, experience failure, and get back on the road to success. Through their participation in sports and activities, as well as in the classroom, we help our students learn what motivates them so that they will know what to do after college and make choices that contribute to their lifelong learning pursuits, not just their college acceptance letters.

    We value the community’s support of our high school students and appreciate your partnership in the success of RFH.

  • Mr. Darren Groh


    Ms. Andrea Mahon
    Administrative Assistant