Board of Education Committees

  • * Indicates Committee Chair

    Athletics and Activities
    Mission:  The RFH Athletics and Athletics Committee is committed to student growth by providing our students with opportunities to participate in a wide variety of sports and activities.  Programs will place value on hard work, dedication, teamwork, sportsmanship, self-discipline, tolerance and ethical behavior so that students will develop socially, intellectually, physically and emotionally.

    • Members:  *Dorothy Whitehouse, Eileen Hickey, Suzanne McCabe, Sarah Kiley

    Culture, Climate, Community Relations Committee

    Mission:  The Community Relations Committee seeks to support the District's mission by improving communication and building relationships within the community.

    • Members:  *Sarah Kiley, Jennifer Halcrow, Suzanne McCabe, Dorothy Whitehouse


    Mission: The mission of the Education Committee is to ensure all students receive an exemplary educational program through the review and advisement of new and existing programs and courses of study.

    • Members:  *Katie Thompson, Eileen HickeyAnnie McGinty, Steve Page

    Finance & Facilities

    • Members:  *Steve Page, Annie McGinty, Kevin Grant, Dorothy Whitehouse


    Mission:  The mission of the Personnel Committee is to review and advise upon all aspects of salary, benefits, terms of employment and new hires through review of recommendations of the superintendent.

    • Members:  *Steve Page, Eileen Hickey, Annie McGinty, Katie Thompson


    Mission:  The Board Policy Committee serves as the Board’s vehicle for the review and revision of policies to ensure they meet current legal requirements, meet the unique needs of the District and promote District goals.

    • Members:  *Jennifer Halcrow, Steve Page, Kevin Grant, Katie Thompson  

    Referendum Ad-Hoc Committee

    • Members:  *Dorothy Whitehouse, Jennifer Halcrow, Sarah Kiley, Annie McGinty

    Student Wellness

    (this committee will meet quarterly)

    Mission:  The Mission of the RFH Wellness Committee is to promote the physical, social and emotional education, well being, and mental health of our students, staff, families, and community.

    • Members:  *Eileen Hickey, Kevin Grant, Katie Thompson, Suzanne McCabe