Wellness Programs at Rumson Fair Haven High School


    Student Wellness Groups

    In addition to individual support, there are many Student Wellness Groups offered at Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School. The support groups assist students in identifying healthy coping skills, build resiliency, practice mindfulness and emotional regulation, and prepare students to address any of life’s challenges. Support group meetings are approximately 42 minutes and occur during the school day.  

    • Coping with Feelings of Grief
    • Feel Good
    • Mindfulness
    • Social Skills
    • Stress Management
    • Young Men’s Work
    • Young Women’s Lives


    Young Men’s Work & Young Women's Lives involve students 9th to 12 grade to discuss the pressures of life in today’s society. Some topics include school stress, peer relationship issues, managing different emotions, and family conflicts.

    Social/Life Skills group helps students to improve communication skills in such a way that others appropriately understand their feelings and needs. They learn social understanding and thinking including, problem solving, making social judgments, reading and responding to body language, and developing friendships.

    All groups incorporate Stress Management and Mindfulness techniques. Students learn to recognize when they are stressed and how their body specifically reacts to stress. Students also learn techniques and skills to remain calm in stressful situations

    R-FH staff, students and parents report that the groups provide support and direction while teaching the necessary skills for students to develop into healthy, productive young adults.

    If you are interested in joining or learning more about our wellness groups, please use this link.