Welcome to Technology & Design

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    “Technology & Design: Those phases of general education which deal with industry — its organization,  materials, occupations, processes, and products — and with the problems of life resulting from the industrial and technological nature of society.”
    —Gordon O. Wilbur

    “Technology & Design is more than thing-making. It includes much in addition to tool-using. Though many enjoy using tools to make things, the value of the technology & design shop is not limited to such enjoyments. The student should be forming, shaping, assembling and experimenting with ideas as well as with hand tools, materials, machines, and projects.”
    —William J. Micheels

    Welcome to the RFH Technology & Design Department!  Our teachers and staff are excited to provide challenging and rewarding curricula centered upon your students immersing themselves in the tasks at hand.  Extensive planning, problem solving, critical thinking, and technical skills will enable your students to understand the demands of various future career opportunities. From graphic design and engineering to traditional woodworking, your students learn how to apply our design process to all different disciplines. Our staff is looking forward to working with your students through a productive and successful school year!  

    Students should reference this RFH STEM Student Opportunities Google Doc all year to discover events and opportunities in STEM fields. Curriculum guides for the RFH Technology & Design  Department can be found below. Please direct any questions related to department curricula and policies to Mr. Jon Pennetti, the Supervisor of STEM, at either jpennetti@rumsonfairhaven.org or 732-842-1597, x554. 

    Immediate questions related to individual student performance should be directed to the child’s teacher.

Department Supervisor