Welcome to Math

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    “Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding.” 
    - William Paul Thurston

    Welcome to the RFH Math Department!  Our math teachers strive to deliver challenging and fun curricula to each and every student.  From Algebra 1 to AP Calculus, our students continue to analyze and engage in applications of the content while building their confidence and problem solving skills.  Students will consistently apply and amplify their critical thinking skills. Our staff is looking forward to working with your students through a productive and successful school year!  

    Students should reference this RFH STEM Student Opportunities Google Doc all year to discover events and opportunities in STEM fields. Curriculum guides for the RFH Math Department can be found below. Please direct any questions related to department curricula and policies to Mr. Jon Pennetti, the Supervisor of STEM, at either jpennetti@rumsonfairhaven.org or 732-842-1597, x554. 

    Immediate questions related to individual student performance should be directed to the child’s teacher. 

Department Supervisor