How Scoir helps

  • Scoir is a customized, secure website that supports post-secondary, college and career planning.  It is designed to assist students and their parents/guardians in making informed decisions about college opportunities and career choices.

Tools in Scoir

  • Scoir is available on the web, as well as apps for students and parents on your mobile device. 

    Go to: to sign in.

    • In "My Profile," view your current cumulative GPA and admission test scores on file, export your resume, and add or share information with your counselor in "My Drive"
    • You have access to the most comprehensive College Search features. Use the Compare feature to look at 4 colleges side by side. Scroll through the data including popular majors ( might be more difficult to gain admission) cost and financial aid, and retention (Do they do a good job keeping their students?)

    • You can do a preference search, where you choose "Must Haves," "Nice to Haves" and "No Thanks," and/or an advanced search, and choose distance/location, number of undergrads, campus setting, test scores, etc.
    • You will be able to your add to schools you're following or those suggested to you, which your counselor can access as well.

    • On each college’s profile page you can view college details, their social media pages, and easys to see tiles with information on geographic, gender and racial diversity,majors, maps, and much more, as well as a link to the college's website.

    • A new feature Net Cost by income, will give you a better idea of the true cost of attendance. Parents: Use the Cost Calculator to get a personalized estimate of your family's costs at most colleges on Scoir

    • Analysis will bring you to a Scattergram of acceptances for the last 3 years. It is very important that we protect the privacy of our students. So scattergrams are only visible at schools with 15 or more acceptances in those 3 years.