Dual Enrollment

  • Dual Enrollment with Brookdale Community College


    RFH seniors take 2 courses (6 credits) each semester on Brookdale's campus. 

    • Seniors have an opportunity to explore their interests with courses that may not be available at RFH, while still meeting the colleges’ recommended academic course load, as well as RFH and state graduation requirements. Participation is optional.
    • Students must meet the following testing prerequisites- Click the highlighted link  Dual Enrollment Information and Application for more information about the program.
      • Submit SAT scores of 530 Math and/or 480 Critical Reading OR Submit ACT scores of Reading 23 (waives Reading Comp.)and/or Writing 8 (waives Sentence Skills) and/or Math 22 (waives Math).
      • OR if you do not have scores available yet, or they do not meet the criteria in Reading, Math, or both, you will need to pass the Accuplacer test, administered by Brookdale Community College. in 2020, alternate assessment criteria determined by Brookdale is in effect. 
    • Students may select one of two RFH schedules:
      • AM release time: Students are released  from periods 1-4 Course # 002008
        • AM Dual Enrollment Students will take 4 courses including English, Math, Health/PE and Lunch (unless it is waived to take an additional academic course) at RFH (periods 5-8)  and 2 courses (limited availability) at Brookdale Community College EACH Semester.*
      • PM release time: Students are released from periods 6-9 Course # 002009
        • PM Dual Enrollment Students will take 5 courses including English, Math, Health/ PE, and Lunch (unless it is waived to take an additional course) at RFH (periods 1-5), and 2 courses at Brookdale Community College EACH Semester.

    *In fall 2020, students will choose synchronous or asynchronous options for their courses.

    Students are held to the academic, attendance, and civic standards of BOTH institutions to maintain Dual Enrollment status. Students should become familiar with both RFH and Brookdale’s student handbooks. Be aware attendance policies and/or vacation days/weeks may not be the same.

    • Course titles and final grades from Brookdale are listed on the student's RFH High School transcripts.
    • Students will be awarded 3.75 high school credits for the successful completion of each Brookdale Community College course.
    • Students who must withdraw from a Dual Enrollment course(s) during the semester must present a current grade report indicating their exit grade. The student will earn a P or NC dependent on their exit grade.
    • Final grades in each course (Semester 1 and Semester 2) will be weighted as Advanced Placement /Dual Enrollment courses. A grade of “P”  will be entered for each course in the first and third quarters, as only a final grade (at the end of each college semester) is reported from Brookdale.
    • Students must have a minimum combined C average (2.0) in both courses for the fall semester, or they will not be permitted to attend in the spring semester.
    • Students will receive grades and college credit for Brookdale courses according to Brookdale’s policies. Students who want transcripts of their Brookdale grades sent to colleges are responsible for contacting Brookdale and following their transcript request process.
    • Students are responsible for any costs incurred, including but not limited to transportation, tuition, fees. Be sure to account for these factors prior to registration for this program.
    • Brookdale Tuition  2020 tuition is $187.96 per credit.

    Go to Brookdale's web page and click on Search for classes in the lower right of your screen to view classes for Fall 2020 (Fall-15 week term).