Types of Admission Application Deadlines and Decisions

    • Early Action- Early action programs have earlier deadlines and earlier decision dates, but they are not binding. They do not require you to enroll if you are accepted. You may apply to other schools. Student must reply to offers of admission by May 1. 

    • Restricted Early Action- Students who apply Restricted Early Action or Single Choice Early Action are not permitted to apply early decision to any school, or early action at other private institutions. Students don’t have to commit if admitted and are free to apply via regular admission anywhere. Students must reply by May 1.

    • Early Decision-Decisions are BINDING! You may only apply to one  Early Decision school. If admitted, students must attend. Students should use the Early Decision option only for their clear first choice and  if you appear to be within the profile of accepted students. You must withdraw all other  applications if accepted.

    • Regular Decision- Decisions are made and announced from mid-March through mid-April. Students must reply by May 1.

    • Rolling or Modified Rolling- Decisions are made as completed applications and required documents  are received and are sent to committee. Students must reply by May 1. 

    • VIP applications– are sent to you by colleges as a marketing strategy.  They usually offer shorter notification time, no fee or fewer recommendations.  Completing this type of application does not increase your chances of getting in. If the college is also a Common Application member, they cannot offer you an incentive with a VIP application that they will not match with the Common Application. If the college is also a Common Application member, you should apply using the Common Application, as we may be unable to send documents electronically  otherwise.