• College Board's PSAT is offered on a specific Wednesday in October (this year it is October 14 for juniors and January 26 for sophomores) . RFH hosts the PSAT to its students during school hours. 

    All sophomores and juniors will be automatically registered, with the fee paid by RFH.    

    • The PSAT provides sophomores and juniors with the opportunity to practice for the SAT. 

    • In junior year, the PSAT also serves as the qualifier for National Merit Scholarships.

    • When students receive their electronic score report , they also receive access to every test question, the answer, and the rationale for the answer, as a study guide for the SAT.  

    • Students should use the PSAT, not an actual SAT,  to practice, as any SAT/SAT II’s taken from grades 9-12 become part of a student's testing record that they will eventually release to colleges.
    The SAT has been designed to be taken by juniors in the spring of their junior year.

    As such, it is not in a student's best interest to  take a first SAT prior to that, unless you believe his or her most recent PSAT scores accurately reflect the student's ability and no additional prep work is necessary.

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