• Finding the Right Fit

    • Each year well over ninety percent of our graduating seniors choose to further their education by attending college. The first and most important step in preparing for college is to work hard and do as best you can in the most academically rigorous courses you can handle.
    • Among the most important factors to colleges as they select their incoming class:
      • Rigor of courses taken
      • Grades
      • Grade Point Average
      • College entrance exams like the SAT and ACT.
    • Your challenge will be finding the right school for you from over 5300 colleges and universities in the United States (over 4100 4-year colleges and universities)
      There are specific criteria you need to consider to find the colleges which best meet your needs:
      • college’s geographic location
      • size of the campus and the student body
      • campus culture
      • cost
      • the majors that are offered
      • activities, athletics, Greek life, etc you may want
    • Remember, a college search is a journey to find the right match for you. The people who know you best- your parents and your counselor, can help you the most if you let us. Communication between you, your parents and your counselor is essential.

    • You may find multiple schools that offer a great fit. Try using this decision matrix to help you make a decision.

    What better way to get the latest information on ISSUES and TRENDS in admissions than directly from the colleges. 

    College Bound News is a monthly online magazine that reports on news directly from admissions at colleges across the country.

    You now have access to each current monthly issue.

    Go to CollegeBoundNews.com. Click on Current Issues Subscriber Login.

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    Password: cb3270




Advice on College Search and College Choice

Tools in Naviance

  • Naviance Family Connection offers students and parents:

    • The most comprehensive College Search and Look Up tools available.
    • Additional tools, such as College Match and College Compare use a student’s GPA and SAT’s to personalize the results. These tools provide comparative data from RFH alumni as well as national data averages.
    • You will be able to compile a prospective college list, which your counselor can access as well.
    • On each college’s profile page you will find a link the college’s own website.

    When you visit schools online or in person, ask questions. Then, with your counselor’s help, you can assess if a school is the “right fit” for you.

    Naviance will give you all the research tools you need. Sign on to Naviance and see for yourself.