Course Selection Process

  • Each year at the start of the 2nd semester, students, teachers, and counselors work together to develop appropriate course options for the following school year.

    Counselors begin the process with group presentations to students in their English classes. There, course options, as well as the specific process of selecting courses using Power School, is discussed.

    Please select the link below, then download to watch a video tutorial of the Power School selection process.  

    Tutorial to submit Course Requests on Power School


    Students are encouraged to meet with their teachers to discuss course levels as well as election options for subsequent classes in that subject area.

    • If students want to move up a level, they need to discuss their specific request with their teacher to get their recommendation, as well as to get their questions answered.

    • More specific information can be found under "Course Recommendations" 

    The Course Selection timeline presents a visual overview of the process including important dates in the process.

    A link to the Course Catalog can be found here on or before January 20, 2020.

    Our Master Schedule is created based on student requests. When the course selection period has ended, each counselor will meet individually with their students through History Classes, and verify that the courses each student has selected in Power School are accurate and that the appropriate recommendations and/or waivers have been received.

    • Once all students finalize their course selections, courses cannot be changed except if an error is detected.

    • Students may request to "level up", if a higher level of the same course exists, and if there are seats available. The student must have a teacher recommendation to do so. If the teacher does not recommend a particular course, he or she will complete a rubric explaining his or her reservations with the course request. After reviewing the rubric, a student has the option of "waiving" into the class, unless placement was determined by a test. Students must meet with their counselors to secure a waiver.

    • Students may request to "level down", if a lower level of a course exists, and if there are seats available. Please note: many AP level courses do not have a lower level in which to "level down." If no alternate level exists, no change will be permitted.

    • Specific dates can be found on the Course Selection Timeline.
    •  Current testing requirements for graduation can be accessed here.