Course Recommendations

    • Classroom teachers will meet with their students to discuss their course recommendations in regards to the students’ course requests.

    • Teachers will then input their recommendations into Power School between in February. Students should direct questions regarding subject or level recommendations to their teachers.

    • If a student is not recommended for the course he/she has requested, the classroom teacher will complete a rubric, explain the reason to the student, and conference with him/her regarding an alternate recommendation.

    • It is our philosophy that teacher recommendations are very valuable in the course selection process These recommendations are usually very accurate and are based on the skills students' have displayed and demonstrated.

    • If a student wishes to override a teacher’s recommendation for a course/level (for which the student meets the prerequisites), the student must secure a waiver from his/her counselor. The waiver will include the teacher-authored rubric on the reverse side. The student must then submit the waiver/rubric, signed by student and parent/guardian,  to his/her counselor before the last day of course selection, as indicated on the Course Selection Timeline.

    • A student may not waive into a class in which they do not meet the prerequisite.